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e are global entrepreneurs in technology ventures,who are passionate about helping great companies accelerate in Asia. Our customers have high growth potential and believe Asia is their next growth platform.

We have accumulated years of experience in raising capital, growing companies, pivoting business models, building sales strategies and selling companies. The depth of our expertise in Enterprise Software, Cloud Computing, M2M, Security, eCommerce and mobile technologies gives us a leading advantage in Asia in our ability to grow technology companies. Our team members have worked across the globe ( USA,Europe,Latin America) and have been living and working in Asia for more than 10 years.

We are constantly striving to help our customers fine-tune their business models, differentiate their value propositions, opening new sales channels, build proper HR strategy. We understand what technology investors are looking for. This clearly defines the way we think and the value we bring to entrepreneurs,as everything we do revolves around helping our clients focus on what truly matters to convince the best investors to come aboard and finance the growth of their companies in Asia.

Some of our track record includes:

  • reshaping the incubation and corporate venture processes of the world leader in digital security solutions;
  • working with the management team of a Singapore-based leading Enterprise SaaS company to close its first investment round, define its product strategy and help build the team. This company is now on track to generate $6M of revenue two years after its inception;
  • advising a leading online-to-offline SaaS-based cross marketing solution company on how to become Investor-Ready. We helped the team work on its Business Plan as well as redefine its business model and go-to-market strategies. Our work led the Company to successfully welcome PagesJaunes Groupe as a strategic investor for a 49% equity stake in November 2011;
  • advising a company in robotics & enterprise software set up its operations in Singapore, build its startup team and execute its sales strategy.

Our digital expertise lead us to deploy the eCommerce strategy of a large scale revenue leading Indonesian bags and apparels company and help local retail SMEs grow their online sales and presence thanks to our Digital Readiness Framework™.

We believe in disruptive models, lean principles and Kaizen approaches. We get actively involved with our clients’ teams to transform potential into high financial returns. We dedicate our time and energy to helping smart, talented and passionate entrepreneurs build great companies. And we love that.

Meet the Team

We are entrepreneurs with on-the-field experience and strong track record in growing, running, restructuring, raising capital and selling companies. We combine solid corporate finance expertise, strategic consulting, hands-on business development experience, and networks to expand in Asia.


Our entrepreneurs

Sebastien Guillaud


18 years of leadership experience growing, running and turning around various businesses in Europe, Latam and Asia.

Sandip Bahl

Managing Partner

16 years of experience on FMCGs and consumer products, a pioneer in digital marketing with a track record in innovation and boosting online traffic and transactions through digital and social.

Rahul Singh

Senior Associate

5 years of experience in technology, enterprise applications and corporate finance. MBA graduate from Nanyang Business School in Singapore, specializing in Banking & Finance.



Kelvin Ong

Go to market specialist

Specialised in technologies and market access. Act as Executive Director of Focus-Tech Holding. Worked in Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Thailand.

Cyril Annarella

Technology strategy & innovation expert

18 years of leadership positions in digital security and telecoms in Europe and Asia. Expert in B2B tech marketing,innovation management (incubation, corp venturing), digital security, M2M, space technology, m-payment and NFC. Chicago-Booth MBA.


Everything you need to know about us

Who is Soft Venture?

We are a team of entrepreneurs with on-the-field experience and a strong track record  in growing, running, restructuring, raising capital and selling companies.
We assist technology companies to release and maximize their growth potential in Asia and beyond.
We provide our clients with direct capital access, business development skills, financial expertise and strategic development advice.
We work very closely with Entrepreneurs and leaders of technology businesses to build their growth Plan, from strategy definition, to detailed execution plan including the selection of talents.

What sectors are you expert in?

We are active in Cloud Computing, Enterprise Software, Consumer Internet, Machine to Machine, Mobile technologies and eCommerce.
These are the sectors where we have strong expertise as our team members spent years working on those technologies in USA,Europe and Asia.

What companies do you target?

We work with tech-companies that understand that Asia is their next growth platform.
We target companies based on their ability to become Investor Ready™ in less than 4 quarters.

What services do you offer?

We assist companies in building their Asia Plan from strategy to execution as well as on-boarding of local teams.
Once a company is Asia Ready, we remain active to ensure companies have enough resources to capture their growth by introducing them to the right investors.

Finally we have develop a unique expertise in eCommerce helping companies realize their potential in the online space.

What is your approach?

We very hands-on in helping our entrepreneurs on growing their companies and creating value.
We trust an incremental approach where we learn to work with the entrepreneur before defining a long term relationship.
Our approach is to distinguish 3 different phases:
  1. Measure: assess the strengths and weaknesses of a company
  2. Learn: define the dashboards to help us understand how the company is performing
  3. Improve: define a strategy and actionable goals to improve the company operation
Our methodologies: Investor Readiness™ and Digital Readiness™ acts as a true scorecard to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a company.
The scorecard enables us to define with the company management an execution plan to achieve a common goal (double the revenue, acquire a strategic customer, expand in a new market...). This execution plan is backed up by a solid business plan and what we define as the TOP 5™ objectives.

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