Big Data in Media

All Things Digital published a very interesting article about the usage of Big Data in Media which made me wonder how Data Driven can businesses can be in Asia. In my experiences when it comes to Asia and South-East Asia in particular, there are really various ways of looking at data:

  • For some companies, it is an opportunity to increase productivity and provide better services to consumers. They are scores of stories about malls in Singapore using multiple data points to lure the customers or even taxi companies leveraging data to optimize their taxi fleet dispatch
  • For others, they believe their problem is more about collecting too much data that they see as junk which prevents them from acting and executing. I would argue that they have not found the right technology yet to implement pattern detection

From a cultural standpoint, do you think we will see issue in adapting data driven management in the region?
We have been learning a lot since the beginning of the year on the topic as several of the companies we are helping are in that field. I will have the opportunity to tell you more about them in the next few weeks.

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