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Enterprise IT is becoming Consumer Grade

Great launch event by GoPivotal. Paul Maritz the CEO of the newly formed company gives a great overview of where the market is moving.
Enterprise IT is indeed changing for the greater good, disrupted by the needs of new generation of professionals using social media and rich UI every day and bringing their own devices at work (the BYOD revolution).
We are quite convinced about it which explains why we pay extra attention to UI/UX in the value proposition of all the companies we are assisting. Check out the full event on their site.

Tech news in South East Asia

Tech news in South East Asia

Where do you learn about the latest trendy news on technology related matters in South East Asia? Where are the new startups being created? Here is a list of news portal in english we often use to keep us up to date. SG Entrepreneurs Tech In Asia e27 Asean Startups ZDnet Asian Edition Quora What about you? Where do you get your fix for fresh news?

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Here we go

Welcome to our Entrepreneur's corner.
The main idea of that section is to provide concrete feedback to entrepreneurs who believe South East Asia is their next growth platform.
We will share relevant documents and materials that we believe are important, ask the entrepreneurs we are helping to share their views and comment recent news in the tech world.

Furthermore we expect this space to be a discussion forums where topics will be discussed live!
Happy reading!

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