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Disruptive Technologies

We often get the question on what technologies interest us and how do we select our customers.
The answer is simple: we are truly passionate about disruptive technologies that aim at changing the world.
Disruptive Technologies 2013
McKinsey published an extensive report showing that the world is about to be disrupt by mobile technologies, internet of things and cloud computing which will all have a major impact in South-East Asia. Let us know your thoughts about the report, I strongly recommend the read.

Hardware is hard

As you may know we are actively involved with a really cool company that is becoming the pivotal labs of robotics.
Hardware is becoming sexy again with incubators like Highway One and Foundry @ Citris in the US. I am convinced that new incubators focusing on hardware will start in South-East Asia.

It is important to well understand the challenges that come with building a hardware company and Jean-Pierre found this great article from the founder of Romotive that go through some of those challenges.

Are you working at the moment on hardware projects?

When to post on Social Media?

For marketers, it is quite an important question. Timing your posts to reach out to the maximum of people is very important especially when we are all over flooded with information.
PR Daily has a great infographic on the topic.
I am not sure the results would be the same for South-East Asia though.

Emails still remain a major channel to reach to consumers, I recommend to study the MailChimp Research site for great analytics on how to manage your marketing emails.

Government, Big Data and Developers

The US government just released a huge amount of data in preparation of their National Day of Civic Hacking.
This is a very interesting initiative that proves once again that computer science literacy and ability to handle vast amount of data is critical in our modern world.
A not well known fact, Singapore has also published a lot of data that can be used by developers to build applications through their Data.gov portal. Have you heard about any 'Big Data' company trying to leverage all that data set in Singapore?
See the original story on Venture Beat

Tech news in South East Asia

Tech news in South East Asia

Where do you learn about the latest trendy news on technology related matters in South East Asia? Where are the new startups being created? Here is a list of news portal in english we often use to keep us up to date. SG Entrepreneurs Tech In Asia e27 Asean Startups ZDnet Asian Edition Quora What about you? Where do you get your fix for fresh news?

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