Getting rid of Excel?

No one would argue that spreadsheets and Excel are really intrusive in any business.
Our financial departments live and breathe through Excel spreadsheets and it is a very useful tool, no doubt about it.
However any organisation should be very careful about over-using it for obvious reasons.
The following article details several recent massive mistakes that can be attributed to Excel wrong manipulations.

Automating the work through business process management software and using the proper IT tools to separate the tasks as well as putting in place the right controls are a proven way to reduce dependencies on those spreadsheets. At Soft Venture, we always help our customers in ensuring they only use spreadsheets for the right tasks and use 'smarter' tools whenever possible. Is it an issue that you have been experiencing with as well?

OS for the Cloud

It's been a while since we last updated this page, trust us we have been extremely busy working with entrepreneurs in US, Europe and of course South East Asia. As you know we are following the work of Pivotal that is set to change the way companies develop and deploy applications. One of the company gem, Cloud Foundry recently received backing from IBM and is already set to bring US$300 of revenue this year.

Pivotal CEO Paul Maritz predicts now that a multi cloud world will kill vendor lock-in which has been so far one of the major hurdles for companies to adopt Cloud technologies. He is also talking about an OS for the Cloud and this is an idea we are supporting. Several industry players are also talking about creating specialised OS like OS for Robotics, OS for Home Automation or security specific OS.

This is definitely an idea we are supporting and we encourage the companies we are working with to work with those great open source technologies and more importantly to participate to the projects. South-East Asian startups are rising and they need to show their presence among the developer communities. They can contribute great technologies and foster the adoption of open source in the region.
In case you are wondering yes we are helping companies both in the Cloud computing space and Open Source space :)

Re-designing product the Google way

It's obvious to mention that customers should always be the center of attention when designing new products, it's a bit more complex when you have to redesign existing products that millions of users are using on a daily basis: they have certain expectations and you cannot jeopardise your brand. However some companies such as Google are bold enough to launch complete redesign of their products.
I strongly encourage you to read this article and watch the video explaining how the Google team collaborate around one single vision to launch the Google redesign.

Founder or CEO or both?

When companies are starting to grow, founders are faced with the need to transition to CEO.
It is a personal transition that is far from being easy and can often kill companies/projects if not handled correctly.
Check out this great post from Fred Destin at Atlas Ventures and this other one by Marc Barros.

Hardware is hard

As you may know we are actively involved with a really cool company that is becoming the pivotal labs of robotics.
Hardware is becoming sexy again with incubators like Highway One and Foundry @ Citris in the US. I am convinced that new incubators focusing on hardware will start in South-East Asia.

It is important to well understand the challenges that come with building a hardware company and Jean-Pierre found this great article from the founder of Romotive that go through some of those challenges.

Are you working at the moment on hardware projects?

When to post on Social Media?

For marketers, it is quite an important question. Timing your posts to reach out to the maximum of people is very important especially when we are all over flooded with information.
PR Daily has a great infographic on the topic.
I am not sure the results would be the same for South-East Asia though.

Emails still remain a major channel to reach to consumers, I recommend to study the MailChimp Research site for great analytics on how to manage your marketing emails.

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